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Today, my dear fellows, I launch a series of posts about Amalfi and Neapoletan costs, and I think I start with the most positive city – Sorrento!

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I made my first visit to Sorrento several years ago; the choice had been made purely by accident and afterwards I thanked luck a good many times for acquaintance with this wonderfully optimistic, impressive maritime town.

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The most important thing in Sorrento is a view from a rocky part of the town. When you stand on the terrace-roof of any hotel built in right in the rocks of the upper part of the town, the beauty just makes your heart soar. Just there, an impressive Vesuvius and the town panorama opens up.

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Among all the maritime towns, Sorrento has the most “vivacious” character.

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Firstly, the town is veeeeery beautiful, spacious, and light, notably that it’s light till the very evening what is important, because, for example, in Amalfi the sun goes behind the rocks very early, which doesn’t cheer you up.

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Secondly, Sorrento is very happening, it’s a perfect place for those who like walking evenings: the main street gets blocked and free for tramps along the bars, restaurants, shops, and ice-cream shops…

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Thirdly, in Sorrento one can enjoy a delicious meal! A tremendous cooking of famous Sorrento restaurants Caruso and Il Buco, as well as scrumptious cocktails of a time-honored Serenuse bar make tourists return there again and again.


Fourthly, Sorrento is a very convenient transportation node and a starting point for small trips around the region. From Marina Piccolo seaport one can reach Ischia and Capri islands, by bus, Positano and Amalfi.

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Capri islands:


Fifthly, various exhibitions and biannual festivals are arranged here very often, so, even in the height of summer you will be provided with a cultural holidays!

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Sixthly, have I already mentioned that it’s a feast-town? So, can you imagine that Sorrento has year-round open Christmas decorations shop! It’s so great to find yourself in a Christmas fairy tale at summer!

Far and by, if you are in a bad mood or depression, go to Sorrento. I guarantee all the sorrows will be gone in the very first day! I promise!

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Stay with me!


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