Чуть не забыла, дорогие мои, рассказать вам о замечательном мероприятии, которое на днях устроили для московских модниц бренд обуви и аксессуаров Clarks совместно с…

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streetstyle fashionblogger pearl jeanse zara booties liuba basharova pixiecut


The spring is the best time for new trends in your wardrobe. So, my new outfit is like a mini seasonal tendencies’ guide. There…

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liuba basharova streetstyle pixiecut puff jacket


How to mix three trends in one comfortable look? You think that is’s impossible, don’t you? Indeed, this small fashionable task is solved easily….

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Zara dress fashionblogger fashionzoomka liuba basharova pixiecut pixie russian fashion blogger


Yes, today I have a rare “guest” – black taffeta dress with ornaments. Such delightful in their femininity  pseudo-ethnic dresses has been attracted me…

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streetstyle fashionblogger fashionzoomka liuba basharova silk red blouse cropped mom jeans flats shoes pixiecut pixie russian fashion blogger


Well, it’s time to begin my direct fashion blogger duties! The last two months have been a little crazy for me, but positive. I…

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